In the vast universe of dog breeds, the Schipperke is a hidden gem. Originating from Belgium, this small breed has a storied history as a ship and dockyard guardian, keeping vermin at bay. 

But today, they’re more commonly found stealing the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. If you’ve ever encountered a Schipperke, you'll understand the allure. Their foxy face and spirited disposition make them a unique blend of charm and loyalty and an excellent addition to many households.

Understanding the Schipperke Personality

Delve a bit deeper, and the Schipperke reveals many unique traits. Alert and curious, they're always on the lookout, making them fantastic watchdogs. Their independence and innate intelligence often lead them on mini-adventures, even within the confines of a home. 

Now, combine this with their fun-loving and occasionally mischievous side, and you've got yourself a furball of joy! But, like us humans, they have their quirks. 

Some Schipperkes can be quite picky about their meals. Here's where A Pup Above can sprinkle a dash of joy into their dining experience. With a focus on palatability and flavor, we aim to cater to even the most discerning palates.

Nutritional Considerations for a Healthy Schipperke

Every Schipperke parent knows the unmatched joy of seeing their pup bursting with energy, exploring their surroundings with curiosity. This vibrant energy, an integral part of their personality, demands top-notch fuel. 

Here's an in-depth look into the nutritional needs that keep the Schipperke's tail wagging with health and happiness.

Macro Needs

Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates form the foundation of any canine diet, and the Schipperke is no exception. Lean meats provide essential amino acids that support muscle strength, while healthy fats, like omega-3 and omega-6, ensure a glossy coat. Carbohydrates offer the much-needed energy for their playful escapades.

Bone Broth Benefits

One of A Pup Above's staples, bone broth, is a culinary delight and a nutritional powerhouse. Rich in collagen, it supports joint health — essential for a breed known for its agility. Furthermore, the minerals and vitamins in bone broth can give their immune system a robust lift.

Sous-Vide Excellence

Why settle for the ordinary when you can offer gourmet? The sous-vide cooking method ensures nutrients are preserved and accentuates the natural flavors, making each meal an eagerly anticipated event. The gentle cooking ensures food retains its integrity, offering maximum nutritional benefits.

Vitamins and Minerals

These micro-nutrients play a pivotal role in numerous bodily functions. Calcium for bone health, vitamin E for skin health, and vitamin A for vision are just a few examples. Offering a balanced meal with these essentials can be a game-changer in long-term health.


While often overlooked, water is indispensable to a Schipperke’s health. Ensuring they always have access to fresh, clean water is key. Foods rich in moisture can also contribute to their hydration needs, especially during warmer months.

Special Considerations

Schipperkes, with their lively demeanor, can sometimes be a tad picky with their meals. Palatability is crucial. Offering meals that balance nutrition with flavor ensures they don't skip out on their dietary needs.

In conclusion, nutrition is the cornerstone of a happy, healthy life for your Schipperke. Paying attention to their dietary needs and preferences will pave the way for years of play, barks, and cuddles. Remember, every meal becomes more than just food with the right nutrition. It's an expression of your love.

Training and Socialization Tips

Like all good things in life, training a Schipperke requires a dash of patience, a sprinkle of consistency, and a hearty dose of love. These vivacious canines are sometimes too smart for their own good, making early training pivotal. 

Start with positive reinforcement techniques. When they master a command, the joy and pride on their face are worth every treat and praise. Incorporate toys and playful activities to make training sessions enjoyable and memorable.

However, the journey doesn't end with basic commands. Schipperkes, with their innate alertness, can sometimes be wary of strangers. 

That’s why socializing your furry friend from a young age is essential. Introduce them to varied environments, people, and other pets in a gentle manner, ensuring each experience is positive and reassuring.

Health and Wellness: Ensuring a Long, Happy Life

Having a Schipperke by your side is like having a bundle of joy that never stops giving. Focusing on their health and wellness is crucial. Like all breeds, Schipperkes have specific health concerns. Regular vet check-ups can help in early detection and management of potential issues.

Nutrition, as always, plays a starring role in wellness. A Pup Above is steadfast in our commitment to pet health. While we always have fun discussing flavors and palatability, our underlying goal remains: fostering robust health through superior nutrition.

Finally, remember to balance playtime with relaxation. Mental health is as important as physical health. Providing them with a safe, loving environment and a routine they can count on goes a long way in ensuring a happy and healthy life.

Grooming Essentials for Schipperkes

The Schipperke's coat is a visual delight — dense, black, and beautifully textured. While they're relatively low shedders, their double coat does need regular grooming to maintain its luster.

Start with a good brush at least once a week. This keeps their coat free from mats and tangles and fosters a bonding ritual between you and your pet. Regular ear checks and nail trims are essential to keep them looking and feeling their best.

When it comes to bathing, Schipperkes don't need frequent washes. However, when you decide to give them a bath, ensure you use a mild, dog-appropriate shampoo. Finish off with a good towel dry, and you'll have a sparkling Schipperke ready to take on the world!

Nourishing Your Schipperke: A Love Expressed in Every Bite

Having a Schipperke in your life is a journey filled with spirited adventures, playful mischief, and heartwarming moments. As with any journey, it comes with its set of challenges, but the rewards? Absolutely priceless. From understanding their unique personalities to ensuring their nutritional and grooming needs are met, each step we take solidifies the bond we share with these delightful creatures. 

Elevate Your Schipperke's Dining Experience

Ready to take your Schipperke's dining experience to the next level? Explore A Pup Above offerings and discover meals crafted with love, precision, and a dash of fun. Because, for those finicky dogs who turn their nose up at ordinary meals, we've got something special that promises approval. 

Stay informed, stay passionate, and remember: at A Pup Above, we're on this delightful journey with you, one paw at a time. 


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