Feeding your dog high-quality food doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. In a saturated market where every food company claims to be the best, it’s difficult to weigh the best dog food options ideal for feeding your dog and keeping him at a weight his vet is happy with while ensuring he is thriving.


Fortunately, there are a few ways to find the best dog food brand for your pet to lose weight. The best dog foods will vary from dog to dog, depending on their meal schedule and how much they eat, but don’t stress — we’re breaking it down so you can feel prepared to swap your current dog food for something more in line with your pooch’s weight loss goals.


How to Choose Dog Food


Most vets will tell you that to decide what kind of food to feed your dog, look at your dog. Their breed, weight, age, and activity levels play a role in the balanced diet they need to thrive. Here are some ways to choose the best dog food for your pup.


1. Determine the nutrition goals for your dog


First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your dog is an individual just the way you are. You wouldn’t take a friend’s doctor’s personal health advice and apply it to your own life, so don’t do the same for your dog. 

Your pup’s an individual and deserves a well-balanced diet catered to his or her health, breed, and yes, even his lifestyle. Always consult a veterinarian before changing your dog’s food or making significant adjustments to his daily routine where food is involved.

Determine what changes you will make to help your dog with weight loss. Maybe your vet recommends smaller meals, more vigorous walks, or switching to fresh food that offers more vitamins, minerals, and protein without any hormones or antibiotics.


2. Buy age-specific food


Ensure the dog food is formulated for your dog’s life stage. For example, a 3-year-old pooch should not be eating senior dog food. An average dog who gets moderate exercise should eat food designed for maintenance or all life stages, and puppies should only eat puppy food.


3. Read the dog food label


Dogs need certain nutrients, including protein, water, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, to stay healthy and eat a balanced diet. Read the ingredient label on the dog food you’re currently giving your dog, and evaluate the nutrients. 

Quality pet foods will have a large percentage of meat protein that’s naturally rich in taurine, while remaining low in plant protein. You can still choose a formula containing grains and vegetables, but the quality of protein is crucial. 

Many dog food manufacturers find sneaky ways to make their ingredients label look better by splitting filler ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy into multiple ingredients. 


4. Find a brand you can trust 


Whether you’re looking for a standard dog food brand or something more specific, like grain-free dog food, it’s essential for your dog’s health and for your own peace of mind that you do quality research on dog food brands and the claims they make about their ingredients, manufacturing processes, and sustainability.

A Pup Above formulates our recipes, so 90% of the protein comes from the meat. This guarantees your dog gets the highest quality source of protein to fuel his or her life, even while trying to lose weight.


What is the best food to feed my dog?


There are mixed opinions on whether dry dog food or wet dog food is best for your pooch. Again, it depends on the dog food's nutritional value, how much he is eating, and other individual factors like the dog’s breed, age, and activity levels.  


Benefits of dry dog foods for weight loss

  • Starches in the food are easily digested 
  • Contain more fiber and complex carbs, which can be helpful for dogs with digestive issues or diabetes


The best wet dog food should provide: 

  • Fewer carbs, which can be hard on a dog’s digestive system and lead to weight gain
  • Contains more water, which helps with hydration 
  • Preferred by most picky eaters
  • Easier to consume for dogs with dental issues
  • The high water content helps your dog feel like he’s eaten a larger meal than he would vs. eating dry food


Benefits of fresh food for weight loss


The benefits of fresh food for weight loss are endless. Dogs who eat fresh foods tend to live longer than those who eat processed foods but experience fewer health concerns during their lives. That means more park dates, more snuggles, and more adventures!


Experience the Difference in Fresh Food with A Pup Above


If your dog needs to lose weight and you aren’t sure where to start, incorporating fresh meals into its diet can make a huge difference.

Changing your dog’s diet may feel overwhelming, especially if your pup is full-grown and accustomed to the diet plan he or she has been on. Fresh dog food can improve your dog’s health, nutrition, and help him or her lose weight, so why not give your pup the good food he deserves?

A Pup Above offers dry, fresh, and combination packages of fresh and dry dog foods for every furry friend, regardless of shape or size. Our ingredients are all 100% human-grade, and we source non-GMO produce and meat with no added hormones.

We’re proud to offer human-grade dog food to help your pooch reach his or her full potential. Ready to give your dog a meal you’ll both love? Check out our dog food selection to get started.