There is nothing wrong with spoiling your dog. If someone tells you otherwise, do not listen to them! We spoil our dogs to show them how much we love them and value their companionship. But spoiling a dog is a bit different than spoiling another person.

So, how can we spoil the special canine in our life? This article goes over different ways you can do something special for your pooch. No matter your budget or time, you will find one or two ways to treat your dog to show how much they mean to you. 

1.    Special or Homemade Treats

You might already give your dog a treat now and then but finding special or unique treats is a great way to make them feel special. Treats that allow the dog to take their time to chew and savor the taste are a great idea. But if you want to take your treat game to a new level, consider making your own treats. There are plenty of recipes found online; however, it is essential that you check with your vet about which ingredients you should avoid in recipes.

It is also important to remember not to give too many treats. Yes, there needs to be a limit to how many treats you give to your dog. If your dog eats several treats plus their daily meals, this can lead to an excess in calories.

2.    New Toys

If your dog loves toys, a great way to spoil them is by surprising them with a new one! There are so many fantastic toys out there, so take a moment and consider what your dog needs. If you have some extra money to spend, there are some premium toys online. However, if your dog loves to chew and destroy, think about making your own toy for heavy chewers

3.    Have a Doggie Party

Celebrating someone’s birthday or recent promotion is common in the human world. Why not extend this tradition to your pooch? Plan an afternoon full of games, toys, sprinklers, other dogs and human friends, and, of course, a doggie cake. A day full of stimulation and excitement is a fantastic way to spoil your dog. 

4.    Go on a Long Car Ride

Hit the open road with your dog. If you can find a rural or country road, your dog can stick its head out of the window and enjoy the fresh air. So many dogs greatly enjoy the flying sensation they get from being in a car. Harness them in and let the wind blow through their fur.

5.    Take Them on a Scent Walk

It is common knowledge that dogs have a strong sense of smell. Taking them to a new place for a scent walk will give them so many new trees, bushes, and fields to sniff. While taking your dog on a walk might already be a part of your daily routine, scent walks are different. We may think about walks as ways to let your dog urinate or let them burn off some energy. But with a scent walk, you allow your dog to take their time and smell everything they come across. Letting your dog smell whatever they want and giving them the time to smell until they are ready to move on to the next spot is a great way to spoil them.

6.    Check Out a Dog Park

If your dog is a social butterfly, going to a dog park is a fantastic idea! Dog parks are great ways for your pooch to meet other furry friends and have an hour or two of playtime. While dogs do not need to play with other dogs to be happy, some dogs may appreciate meeting other members of their species. 

However, you know your dog best. Some dogs do not like socializing with other dogs. This could be for a few reasons, such as past trauma, lack of early socialization, or breed. If you think that a trip to the dog park will be too much for your dog, skip it and find another way to spoil them.

7.    Surf’s Up!

If you live near a body of water, consider taking your dog there. Some dog breeds, like Retrievers, are natural water babies. They would love a chance to splash around. Of course, if you live hours away from the seaside, you see if there are other bodies of water nearby, like lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers, or reservoirs. Check to make sure the place is dog-friendly before you go. If it checks out, grab some water toys and a towel for your favorite companion and enjoy a day of fun! 

8.    Go on a Shopping Spree

Do dogs like to shop? Well, you will never know unless you try! There are several pet stores, like PetSmart, that allow leashed dogs in their store. Browse the aisles with your pooch and see what catches their eye. Perhaps they head straight towards the dog treat section! But maybe they see some tug or chew toys that seem enticing. Who knows? Maybe they want a new collar or festive outfit to show off to the neighbors. Letting them explore their options is a great way to spoil them. 

9.    Give Them a Massage

Yes, you read that correctly. Now, you do not need to bust out any oils or candles to give your dog a massage. But giving them a gentle massage around their face, joints, legs, and back has several benefits. If your dog is athletic, giving them a massage before and after exercise can reduce stiffness and pain. Massages are also great for reducing anxiety and stress. There are a few easy techniques you can practice on your dog today!

10.  Hide Treats Around the Yard

Send your dog out on a scavenger hunt looking for bits of broken-up treats. This is a great way to let your dog use that powerful sense of smell they have if you can’t take them on a scent walk. Break up pieces of treats (avoid using whole ones so your dog does not consume too many calories in one day) and hide them all over your yard. If you do not have a yard, you can hide the bits of treats around your home. Either way, this will be great fun for your dog! 


Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities, but they do not stop at just food, water, and shelter. Dogs need love. One way to show them how much you love them is by doing something special for them. The activities or treats on this list will give your dog so much joy. And seeing your dog happy will, in turn, brighten your day.