He may sleep on your pillow or have his own room in your house, but deep down, your dog is still an animal with specific nutritional needs. 

Protein is the number one food source a dog needs to survive and thrive in any environment. Protein contains essential amino acids that promote the proper function of your dog’s body, from their immune system to bone health, muscle development, skin health, cell and tissue repair, and much more. 

Why Dogs Need Protein

Many proteins contain the 22 essential amino acids critical to a dog’s overall health and quality of life.

The amino acids found in protein are a natural source of energy and help create the essential antibodies, hormones, and enzymes that a dog needs to function, stay healthy, and live a long, happy life. 

Deficiencies in these essential amino acids can lead to health issues, like weakened bones or a vulnerable immune system. 

Because a dog’s body cannot store protein in the same way it stores fat, protein sources are necessary for daily consumption for your dog to remain in peak physical health. 

Finding a clean, lean protein source is critical for pet owners. Feeding your pup high-protein dog food is the best way to keep them physically strong and energized and to promote good bone health and a strong immune system. 

Best Protein Sources for Dogs

There are plenty of healthy animal proteins that you can add to your dog’s diet to help improve his overall health, promote weight loss, and increase his energy levels. 

It’s relatively simple to tell if your dog is getting a well-balanced diet. Most healthy dogs have high energy levels, shiny coats, a healthy appetite, and are consistently active. If this sounds like your dog, their food is likely fueling their body exactly how it should be. 

However, if you think your dog needs a boost in protein, you can offer him many healthy, lean protein options:

(Real) Meat Sources

From beef to chicken, turkey, duck, and lamb, these are the best protein sources found in dog foods. These types of meats from animal muscles are the highest digestible protein sources.  


Does your dog lose his mind at the smell of fish? Some love it, while others could care less. Fish is packed with vitamins and minerals and is another beneficial source of protein for animals. Many dog food brands include fish in their recipes because it’s easy to digest and tastes great. 


Many are surprised to learn that eggs are among the most easily digested sources of protein for dogs. Eggs may not be the first type of protein you think of when it comes to healthy dog food, but it’s a solid choice for your dog. Just be sure to cook them first! 

Benefits of High Protein Dog Food for Weight Loss

Depending on their weight and general health, most dogs need at least one gram of protein per pound each day. 

This is calculated based on the dog’s ideal weight; if they are overweight, you should still be feeding them the amount of protein for their goal weight, not their current weight. As always, consult a veterinarian about your dog’s health and weight before making any changes to their diet or feeding schedule. 

If your pup needs to lose a few pounds, feeding him a high-quality protein source is a step in the right direction. Your veterinarian may recommend particular protein sources to add to their dog food to help achieve their ideal weight. 

Introducing high-protein dog food to your pup works best if the protein is lean, like turkey or fish. These types of protein for dogs can be served in smaller portions but keep them fuller longer.  

Here are a few benefits of high-protein dog foods:

  • Keeps your pooch lean while dropping excess fat
  • Promotes consistent calorie burning throughout the day 
  • Increases feelings of fullness after meals, preventing begging and overeating
  • Develops and maintains stronger muscles as your dog ages
  • Slows the aging process and keeps older dogs healthier and more active for longer 

Buy Fresh Meat Dog Food for Your Furry BFF

Just like human food, minimally processed fresh meat high-quality dog food is the best nutritional choice you can make for your dog. 

While kibble and wet food meet industry standards for your dog’s food, these are both highly processed before they reach the shelves. Fresh animal protein is the best option you can give your pup. 

Fortunately, A Pup Above offers tons of fresh, high-quality protein sources mixed with grains and veggies for a whole balanced meal every time. From turkey to beef stew, your pup will love the flavors, and you’ll be amazed at how slight changes in your dog’s diet can make all the difference.