You’re sitting around the table and a potent odor fills the room. You look around at your family members, but no one is admitting anything. But this stink is potent! You soon realize, there’s no one to blame but your dog. AGAIN. The unmistakable smell leaves you asking this fatal question:

“Why is my dog farting so much?”

First, let’s do a breed check. If you own a boxer, bulldog, or pug unfortunately, those adorable smushy faces come with side effects. Due to their short snouts, these breeds naturally take in more air when eating and drinking. And when air goes in it has to come out… somewhere.

But what if you don’t have a smushy-nose breed? Unfortunately, farting happens with all dog breeds, and the number one reason dogs seem to be farting all the time is diet. Yes, even if you’re buying the fanciest cans or kibble you can find, it still might not be good for your dog in the end. (See what we did there?)

The reason is simple. Many dog food companies heavily process their food and use corn, soy, wheat or other fillers that are low in nutritional value. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains that, “low-quality foods with ingredients that can’t be fully digested can cause gas.” 

And just like the extra air a boxer or pug breathes in, the extra gas in your dog’s gut must come OUT. If your dog’s food is low-quality, chances are the dog is having a hard time digesting it, leaving them with a stomach ache and you with a farting dog.

The bad news is that if you are feeding your dog kibble or canned food, you are almost certainly feeding them fillers and gums that breed gas, creating a dog that won’t stop farting. That’s because kibble and canned foods are highly processed food products that your dog can’t handle. They may also be doing a disservice to your dog in terms of high carbs and low quality proteins.

The good news is that there’s a simple solution for the dog that keeps farting — change what you put in your pup’s bowl. It’s that easy.

As explained by Dr. Julie Stegemen, “upgrading the diet to a more bioavailable, higher quality diet will resolve the gas problem.” So go ahead and light a candle for your farting dog now, but definitely order a sampler pack of A Pup Above to get to a real and lasting solution. 

By choosing a fresh all-natural dog food that uses only whole food ingredients, your dog will be more likely to properly digest its food. Your dog will also benefit from a meat-forward, lower carb formula that gives them the taurine a dog’s body needs. 

Just be sure to take the transition slow and steady so your dog’s digestion has time to catch up to all the good things that you’re doing for it. Take it step-by-step.

Oh, but there’s more. Your dog’s farting is just one step in the digestive chain of events, if you know what we mean. Once you transition to fresh food, you’ll see some pretty nifty changes in the poop department. 

After switching your dog to fresh food, your dog’s poops will be greatly reduced in size. These new small, firm poops will be easy to scoop, because they will be virtually devoid of stink. Really!

That’s because your dog’s body can now absorb all that fresh food nutrition without having to cope with highly processed, dried ingredients. Ultimately, that means less work for your dog’s gut, and less waste coming out the back side. 

So to review, dog farting happens. But serving your sweet doggy a high-quality, fresh dog food like A Pup Above can really help. Your dog will be less queasy, and to be honest, so will you.