Hey there, new puppy parents! Bringing home a new fur baby is all kinds of exciting, but potty training can sometimes make you feel like you're chasing your tail. 

Don't fret! A Pup Above is here to fetch you some awesome strategies to make potty training a walk in the park. 

So if you're ready to high-five your pup's progress and bid farewell to those surprise puddles, keep reading — here are 20 tips to have you and your four-legged friend doing a happy dance.

1. The Power of Routine

Let's get the party started — young puppies love structure, so create a feeding schedule and a schedule for playtime and potty breaks. Sticking to a consistent routine during house training will help your pup understand when it's time to take a potty pit stop. 

Plus, you'll see their confidence soar as they master their potty training schedule like a true potty pro. 

2. "This Spot's for You!"

Choose a special spot in your yard as the official potty area. Think of it as your pup's own personal bathroom oasis. 

Lead them to this magical spot whenever nature calls, and they'll quickly catch on that this is the place to let loose. Trust us; they'll be prancing with pride. 

3. Cheers for Positive Reinforcement

Every good deed deserves a reward, and potty training is no exception. When your pup nails it and potties in the right spot, shower them with a standing ovation of praise, cuddles, and a handful of their favorite fresh dog food

Positive reinforcement helps them associate going potty in the right place with happy times and tummy rubs. It's a win-win!

4. Secret Agent Supervision

Keep a close eye on your furry buddy for those telltale signs of needing to go potty. Sniffing around, restlessness, or doing zoomies in circles are their way of sending an urgent message. 

When you spot these signs, whisk them away to the designated potty spot. Being their trusty sidekick ensures fewer accidents and more bathroom victories.

5. Clean-Up Capers

Accidents happen even to the best of us. But fear not; cleaning up is like playing a secret mission game. Grab an enzymatic cleaner (the superhero of cleanliness) and zap away those odor-causing villains. 

Regular cleaners won't cut it, but these special ingredients eliminate the smell completely. Bid farewell to lingering odors, and your pup will have no clues left to repeat the mishap. Mission accomplished. 

6. Leash Up for Success

When it's time for a potty break, always leash up your pup, especially in the early stages of dog training. This ensures they stay focused on the task and prevents them from getting distracted or wandering off. 

The leash also gives you better control and allows you to guide them to the designated potty area with ease.

7. Stay Calm and Patient

Potty training can sometimes test your patience, but it's essential to stay calm and positive throughout the process. Avoid scolding or punishing your pup for accidents. Instead, remain patient and reinforce good behavior. 

Remember, they're still learning, and your encouragement will make the training experience much more enjoyable for both of you.

8. Crate Training Magic

Utilize the power of dog crate training as a valuable tool for potty training. Dogs naturally avoid soiling their sleeping area, making the crate a helpful aid in teaching them to hold their bladder. 

Introduce the crate gradually, ensuring it's comfortable and inviting. Use it for short periods, gradually extending the time as your pup becomes accustomed to it.

9. Take Note of Potty Patterns

Every pup has their own unique potty patterns. Pay attention to the times when your fur baby usually needs to go. Is it shortly after meal times? After a play session? In the morning or before bedtime? 

By recognizing their patterns, you can anticipate their needs and proactively guide them to their potty spot — it's like having a secret map to a successful potty journey!

10. No Free Access

To prevent accidents, limit your pup's access to the entire house during the initial stages of potty training. Utilize baby gates or close doors to confine them to a smaller area where accidents can be easily managed and supervised. 

As they become more reliable in their potty habits, they gradually increase their freedom and access to other areas of the house.

11. Create a Potty Training Command

Just like superheroes have their signature moves, your pup can have their own potty training command! Choose a fun and catchy phrase like "Time to do your business!" or "Let's make it rain!" Use this command consistently whenever you take your pup to their designated potty spot. 

With time, they'll associate the command with the action, and you'll have a potty-trained sidekick in no time.

12. Watch the Waterworks

Monitor your pup's water intake, especially during potty training. While keeping them hydrated is important, too much water before bedtime or playtime can lead to frequent bathroom breaks. 

Be mindful of their drinking schedule and adjust accordingly. By managing their waterworks, you can prevent unnecessary accidents and keep their potty routine on track.

13. Invest in Indoor Potty Solutions

For those times when you can't make it outside, indoor potty solutions can be a lifesaver. Puppy pads (aka potty pads), artificial grass patches, or even a designated litter box area can provide a backup plan for your pup's potty needs. 

Introduce these solutions gradually and encourage your pup to use them when outdoor options aren't readily available. 

14. Stay Persistent With Outdoor Potty Breaks

Outdoor potty breaks are essential for your pup's potty training success. Even if they've had a few accidents indoors, don't give up on the outdoor routine. The fresh air, sights, and smells can help stimulate their potty instincts. 

Keep taking them outside regularly, even if they haven't done their business yet. Eventually, they'll connect the dots and understand that the outdoor potty spot is the place to go.

15. Celebrate Milestones Along the Way

Puppy training is a journey filled with milestones, big and small. Celebrate each victory along the way. Whether it's the first time they go potty in the right spot, an accident-free day, or an entire week of successful potty breaks, throw a party for your pup. 

Use treats, lots of praise, their favorite kibble, and extra playtime to show them how proud you are. Positive reinforcement and celebration create a fun and encouraging atmosphere for both you and your furry companion.

16. Stay Consistent and Persistent

Consistency is key to a successful potty training process. Stick to the established routine, follow the same techniques, and maintain a positive attitude. Even if there are setbacks or occasional accidents, don't give up. 

Keep persevering, providing clear guidance, and reinforcing the desired behavior. With time, patience, and consistency, your pup will become a potty-trained champion.

17. Enlist the Help of Potty Training Tools

Sometimes, a little extra help can go a long way in potty training success. Consider using tools like bells hung by the door or a designated "potty" bell your pup can ring when they need to go outside. 

These tools create a clear communication system and empower your pup to let you know when it's time to potty.

18. Sniffing Is Part of the Process

Puppies explore the world through their noses, and sniffing is a crucial part of their potty routine. Allow your pup some time to sniff around their designated potty area before they do their business. It helps them feel comfortable and establishes a familiar scent, signaling that this is the right spot to go.

19. Stay Consistent When Switching Locations

If you're transitioning from using pee pads or indoor potty solutions to exclusively going outside, maintain consistency in the designated potty spot.

Use scents or a small portion of the soiled pad to transfer the familiar smell to the outdoor area. This helps your pup associate the new location with their potty routine and eases the transition.

20. Embrace the Power of Patience

Potty training takes time and patience, so be prepared for ups and downs along the way. Some days may be accident-free, while others might have a few slip-ups. 

Embrace the process, stay positive, and remember that your furry friend is learning and growing. With consistent effort and a whole lot of love, you'll conquer potty training together.

A Final Word

Congratulations, potty training pioneers — armed with these 20 training tips, you're well on your way to becoming true potty training pros. Remember to make it enjoyable, celebrate each success with wagging tails, and have a blast bonding with your pup along the way. 

Soon enough, your old puppy will be strutting their stuff as a potty-trained champ of an adult dog, and you'll both be enjoying a clean and accident-free home. 

Keep up the good work, and keep those tails wagging!


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