Pup Got Allergies? Check Out How Fresh Food Can Reduce the Sniffles

After a long day at work, nothing beats coming home to your fluffy companion. Immediately after opening the door, you hear the familiar sound of paws scratching the floor and suddenly you're greeted with the fluffiest, friendliest….achoo!

It’s not unusual for pet parents to believe their dog is suffering from “allergies” when in reality the cause of their problem is simply intolerance to poor quality ingredients that are difficult to digest. That’s right, just as humans can be intolerant to foods, so can dogs.

Food related intolerance and allergy symptoms for dogs can include itchy ears and skin, dog gas, as well an itchy hind area (if your dog frequents the butt-scoot move, you’re a candidate). If your pup is experiencing these issues, consider transitioning them to a freshly cooked whole foods diet like A Pup Above. Once a dog has transitioned onto a cooked, whole foods diet, the symptoms often disappear. Additionally, once a dog’s system has adjusted to a high quality, digestible food, he or she can move freely from one A Pup Above recipe to another much easier than with commercial dog food and typically without any adverse effects.

A Pup Above offers four recipes Texas Beef Stew, Turkey Pawella, Chica Chicka Bow Wow and Porky's Luau. Each recipe is made from fresh whole, human grade ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. The higher bioavailability of fresh food promotes better digestion, a vibrant skin and coat, and a taste your dog will go crazy for.