Everyone loves a good life hack, but not all dogs love bath time. Naturally, we figured: why not compile some life hacks that will make bathing your pup easier and less stressful for everyone involved? Read on for our top tips.


Unless it's super hot outside, the hose probably won’t be the best temperature for a full-body plunge. We recommend you move bathtime inside to your tub or shower. Of course, the water in the tub can get to uncomfy temperatures too, so be sure that the water is consistently a little warmer than lukewarm. It should be just warm enough to soften the natural oils in your dog's skin and remove dirt and grime from their coat. And a bonus perk of indoor bath time? The confined space of the tub or shower will help prevent your pup from scampering off half covered in suds.


That shower or tub floor can be slippery for wet paws! Before the bath, be sure to lay down something that will help give your pup more grip and help them feel more at ease. Pick up one of those non-slip bath mats with suction cups on the bottom, or try cutting an old yoga mat in half and sinking it to the bottom of the tub. If you go for the yoga mat, don't forget to squeeze it out after bathtime and leave it in the sun to dry!


Dogs have much more sensitive noses than humans do, and strong scents can overwhelm their noses. You'll want to use a shampoo that contains no detergents, harsh chemical soaps, dyes, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances. Our pups have different tolerances than we do, and just because something is deemed safe for humans does not mean that it will be safe for dogs. Read the ingredient label first - if you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients, you may want to skip that one.


If your shower or tub doesn’t have a spray nozzle, load a few big buckets of clean, warm water beforehand and set them next to the bath area. Grab a small cup to dip into the buckets, and pour that water over your pup when rinsing. Be sure to take extra care to avoid getting water in their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. As you pour the clean water, remember to let your pup know how brave and how loved they are, and what an extra good dog they are being today.


Dogs love to do things they’re rewarded for, and if they get it in their head that "bath time" actually means a tasty snack, they’ll be a lot more sold on the whole process.

Providing a sampler of natural peanut butter (with no sugars, hydrogenated oils, or salt) creates an easy distraction while in the tub. To ensure a clean canvas for the treat, clean the wall of your tub or shower with dish soap and warm water before bath time. When it's time to bathe your pup, smear some peanut butter on that sparkly-clean wall, and let them go to town cleaning it off of the wall while you clean their coat. If you can't or don’t want to use ultra-greasy peanut butter in the bathroom, Greek yogurt is a great option too.


Worried about all of that fur going down the drain and causing an epic clog? Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you're in a shower, place a scrubby dish washing pad over the drain and stick a bobby pin through to the drain grate to secure the scrubby. If you are in a tub, cut a hole slightly smaller than your drain stopper in the center of your scrubby pad, place it around and under your drain stopper, then let the stopper close down on it. Simply dump the fur and pad at the end of the bath.


Did you know that the way dogs shake off water is so effective that they can shake nearly 70 percent of the water from its fur in about 4 seconds? Very efficient - but very messy for you! However, a little pre-bath prep helps prevent the post-bath hassle. Be sure to set out towels in advance, and cover anything in the bathroom that you don't want to get wet, because you know your dog is going to shake shake shake the second they can!

We sure hope these tricky tips will come in handy for your pup's next bath time. With a quick and easy bathtime, you and your pup can get right back to doing whatever it is that you both love best.