Bath Time Tips, Tricks and Hacks
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Bath Time Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Bath Time Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Everyone loves a good life hack, and not all dogs love bath time. Naturally, we figured: why not scour the internet for life hacks that make bathing your pup easier and less stressful for you and your pup.

Location and Temperature

Unless it's super hot outside, the hose won't be the nicest temperature for a full-body plunge for anyone, your pup included. Take that bath inside, and use your tub or shower. On the flip-side, the water here CAN get too hot, so be sure that the temperature is consistently a little warmer than lukewarm. It should be just warm enough to soften the natural oils in your dog's skin, and help move dirt and grime from their coat.

Bonus about the indoor space? The tub/shower confines will keep your pup from skibbling off, half covered in suds.

Get Sticky!

That shower/tub floor is slippery for wet paws! Be sure to grab something that will help give your pup more grip. This will make them feel more at ease. Grab one of those no-slip bath mats with suction cups on the bottom, or, try cutting a yoga mat in half, and using that as a grippy floor-mat. Don't forget to squeeze it out, and leave it in the sun to dry!

Choose a Gentle, Natural Shampoo!

Dogs have way more sensitive noses than we do, and some scents can unfairly overwhelm their noses. Additionally, you'll want to go with a shampoo that contains no detergents/soaps, dyes, artificial colours/fragrances, or harsh chemicals. Our pups have different tolerances for many products than we do, and just because something is deemed 'safe for humans' does NOT mean that it will be safe for dogs. To learn more about shampoos, jump over to this super sudsy article!

No Spray-nozzle? No problem.

I lieu of a sprayer, load a few big buckets of clean, warm water, and get a small cup to pour water over your pup when rinsing. Be sure to wash head and face last, and take extra care to avoid getting water in the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

**All the while, be sure to let your pup know how brave and how loved they are, and what an extra good pup they are.

Prepare Tasty Distractions

Dogs do what is rewarding, and if they get it in their head that "bath time" actually means a very high reward snack, then, heck! It may not be their favorite way of getting snacks, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth! Natural peanut butter (no sugars, hydrogenated oils, or salt) makes an easy distraction, as it's delightfully tasty, and trickily sticky.

To ensure a clean canvas for your 'PB and Distraction,' clean the wall of your tub/shower with dish soap and warm water before bath time. When it's time to bathe your pup, smear some peanut butter on that sparkly-clean wall, and let your pup go to town getting it all tidied up off of the wall, while you suds up and rinse their fur.

If you don't fancy sticking peanut butter to your bathroom walls, then try this tricky device!

If you can't use peanut butter, Greek yogurt is always a great option!

All Of That Loose Hair!

Worried about all of that fur and hair going down the drain and causing an epic clog? Don't worry, we've got you covered. You know those scrubby dish-washing pads? Well they are BRILLIANT for catching hair while letting water flow. If you're in a shower, place the scrubby pad over the drain, and stick a bobby pin through to the drain grate to secure the scrubby.

If you are in a tub, cut a hole slightly smaller than your drain stopper in the center of your scrubby pad, place it around and under your drain stopper, then let the stopper close down on it.

Prepare For The Shake!

Set out your towels in advance. Cover anything in the bathroom that you don't want to get wet, because that pupper is going to shake shake shake!

Did you know that the way a dog shakes off water is so effective, that a pupperino can shake nearly 70 percent of the water from its fur in about 4 seconds, and on top of that, scientists didn't really understand how the mechanics of the shake worked until relatively recently.(1)

Well that's it for now, folks. We sure hope these tricky hacks will come in handy for your pup's next bath time, so that you and your pup can get right back to whatever it is that you both love best.